There are a good number of musicians around town who play the blues or ciassic rock R&B("soul music").Many are sincere acolytes and creditable disciples who do there best to sound like they grew up with it.That Bobby Thursby is the real thing is evident throughout this long awaited album of unpretentious down-home soul music.It's the music that Thursby grew up playing way back before the mainstream media coined the term"soul music'He plays it well.The title song offers a humorous look at male-female relationships:She wants her man eating tofu and nuts,he wants grease in his gravy,fatback and cornbread.Sad but true,some soul food staples are'nt healthy choices.Thursby addresses that conundrum in fine style.Other songs also view love from a humorous perspective.Like,what's a player to do when he's so bewhitched by a women that he can't even talk to other women without stuttering like a fool? There are conventional love songs as well.Thursby celebrates the wonder of finding true love with"I Want 2 Thank You" and philosophizes on the issues of trust and commitment with "Pick My Lock."Both songs have the uneven rhyme patterns of old-style blues narratives.Some local artists would try using this pattern for effect and end up sounding like posers.Thursby does it naturally and everything works.Hawaii residents with a taste for authentic old-school soul will welcome Thursby's "Grease” - John Berger

— Honolulu Star Bulletin

A Kapolei musician recently got a shiny gold record to hang on his wall-for a "doo-wop"ditty he sang more than 40 years ago."It feels good"said Bobby Thursby with a playful smile.Over four decades ago,he was one of the singers in the Velvets,who scored a Top 10 hit with "Tonight (could be the night),"considered one of the earliest singles featuring the genre-defining "doo-wop" chant.That single was on Rhino Record's landmark 1994 collection, "The Doo Wop Box," that the Recording Industry Association of America recently certified has sold over 500,000 units.The feat warrants a gold record."I couldn't believe it," said Thursby,pointing at the framed plaque adorning his Kapolei living room."It's very surprising." On a more current note,the musician has just released "Grease in My Gravy" on the Samurai Records Label,a tasty CD drenched in soul.The native Texan has been a stalwart performer in Hawaii's music scene,known for his distinctive keyboards and voice.He credits soul legend Sam Cooke as a musical influence,Another fellow Texan,famous for an operatic and hauntingly heart-wrenching voice,was instrumental in Thursby's musical career."Roy Orbison was a friend,"he said" i knew Roy before he became famous." Orbison loved the Velvets,Thursby recalls. So when the"Oh Pretty Women" crooner made it big, Orbison remembered the singing group and invited its members to see his record producer, Fred Foster of Monument Records.Soon,the Velvets crammed into a studio to belt out,"Tonight (could be the Night)."It would be as good as gold 40 years later. "I knew right then what I'd be doing the rest of my life,"Thursby declared.After the Velvets,he traveled and played with various jazz and blues groups,before settling in Hawaii in 1978.But the project he's most proud of is his first studio release, "Grease in my Gravy."The title track's paean to luscious,good-old-fashioned cookin'-with mentions of ham hocks short ribs and pig's feet in its lyrics-is apt for an album lovingly simmered in rhythm and blues.He called working on the CD with Hawaii-based collaborator,guitarist and engineer Arthur Walton very satisfying."I'm getting ready for the next one," Thursby said.” - Chris Aguinaldo

— West Oahu Current

Bobby Thursby And Arthur Walton Thank you for entering the 13th Billboard World Song Contest.This letter is to express our congratulations on your songs' success "I Want To Thank You" by placing in the Honorable Mention category.This is guite an accomplishment considering the quality of this year's entries.You are obviously writing at a high level.Placing in the TOP 1500 IN THE WORLD!!!!! Only the highest quality songs make it to the top.This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a "Hit Song”

— Billboard World Song Contest